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Our company helps creating the most attractive Websites, maintaining them and host them for a small fee. We do our best to give a better choice in bundles to make it not just cheaper but more beneficial.

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About Us

At Pegasus code, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in Web Development. It’s too expensive for small companies. Web Developers put a very high price for an okay website that small companies cannot afford. That is why Pegasus Code offers some new packages that are not just affordable but more valuable. Getting a very high quality website for a very small fee. Scroll down for more information.





Why Choose Us

Every small company needs a fantastic website to get more clients. We are an innovative company and will make your website the best one you'll ever get. We get it that people can't pay high special website. Thats why we have created a new service that rents out websites to make sure that even small businesses can even have the best.
Need reference? check out projects down below!

Our Latest Project

Here are some examples of what our latest projects look like that we have created, maintained and hosted.
Want your website to look great as well? We will only provide you the best, most attractive and interactive websites!



Already have a website but need hosting and maintenance? This is what you need!

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Changes Done Under 72 Hours
  • Online Support


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Small new business and can't afford a website or just need a redesign? We got you covered!

  • Rent Amazing Websites Or Redesign For A Low Price
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Changes Done Under 72 Hours
  • Online Support


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Want to buy a valuable website instead of renting one? This is the option for you!

  • Buying A Website for a decent price
  • Add Silver bundle with your first month for free!
  • Live Demo


 up to R5000

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